$1 PRE-ORDER for Resin Basic DeeDee Doll
Because these dolls take a VERY long time to hand make we are only accepting $1 Pre-orders at this time (which we immediately refund.) Your name and contact information will be added to our waiting list. When your doll is ready to ship we will confirm your shipping details and you can decide if you want to pay in full or set up a layaway plan.
You will have to be patient with these dolls. These really are hand made by Bogie herself, inlcuding all the parts except the acrylic eyes. You are under no obligation to buy her once she is ready to ship. We have enough people on our waiting list that we will find a home for her. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Note: No refunds on shipped dolls.
More photos of Basic Resin DeeDee Hunt.
Taken December 27, 2009

DeeDee shows of her beautiful hazel acrylic eyes. She is made from a non toxic, translucent resin which is also made here in the USA. (Note: yellowing with age is inherent in all resins, no matter what a company or manufacturer might claim. While our resin is designed to be UV resisitant we still advice our collectors keep all of their resin dolls, even DeeDee, out of the direcect sun and avoid exposusre to UV lights)

LEFT: DeeDee is made with our signature Bella! rotational knee and elbow joints which we were the first to introduce to the market back in 2003. These joints allow for fewer visible seams and a more lady like appearance. The doll is strung from hand to hand and from knee to neck. We use our own special stringing technique to insure a strong hip joint and all joints are rubberized to create enough to tension to hold a pose. Doll can not stand on her own so she comes with a clear saddle doll stand.